Q1. How can Don’t Stack® Air Strip prevent a carrier from double stacking your freight?

A1. Don’t Stack® Air Strip create a raised surface on top of  palletized freight so that it is no longer convenient for double stacking. In addition, a highly visible message “DO NOT DOUBLE STACK” is displayed in red.

Q2. How will I know if my freight is double stacked?

A2. If another pallet is stacked on top of your pallet, the Don’t Stack® Air Strip air chamber will pop to clearly indicate that your pallet has been double stacked.

Q3. What are the dimensions of the Don’t Stack® Air Strip?

A3. Each Don’t Stack® Air Strip is 36″ in length x 3” in width which allows it to broadly cover the surface of the palletized freight.

Q4. Are Don’t Stack® Air Strip difficult to use?

A4. No. Don’t Stack® Air Strip are extremely easy to use. Simply peel off the removable backing to expose the adhesive layer and stick the strip to the pallet.

Q5. Where on the freight do I place the Don’t Stack® Air Strip?

A5. Don’t Stack® Air Strip can be placed anywhere on the top of the pallet. This will create visible “Do Not Double Stack” warning sign that encourages freight carriers to carefully handle the freight.

Q6. What do I do if the carrier delivers a freight with a popped Don’t Stack® Air Strip?

A6. A popped Don’t Stack® Air Strip can be a telling sign that the pallet was mishandled by the shipping company. In such a case, you can inspect the palletized freight in greater detail to ensure that it is not damaged prior to accepting it from the carrier. You can also notate the suspected damage with the delivery agent and discuss with the freight carrier after further inspection is completed.

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